Free Open Source and Open Knowledge (FOSOK)

While the concept of Free Open Source Software(FOSS) is well understood, the concept of including Open Knowledge is rather new. Far too many FOSS projects do not provide, in a freely available and understandable form, the knowledge needed to use their work to its maximum capabilities. FOSOK goes a step farther then the strict defintion of FOSS to say also that 100% of the knowledge and any other no-cost (to the creators) materials needed can be gained from free sources provided by the creators of the project. For example, for routine operation and development, the user should not need anything more then project's own documentation. Nor should their be any need for non-free training sources, assuming the user has sufficent general background. In PetiteCloud's case we assume the user knows the basics of general Unix based system and network adminstration (for other projects the required general background will vary).